Sarsaparilla offers a wide range of certified one-to-one, group, and bespoke training courses to support your team's learning and development.


Our unique methods combine psychology, logic, creative thinking, theatre techniques, and years of senior experience to ensure you get the best possible results.

We offer learning formats that are convenient for everyone.

Our instructors engage learners in a variety of ways to ensure a multi-layered understanding and reinforcement of the content..

As a result, attendees feel confident and ready to apply their new skills in the real world and are much more likely to succeed. 


In fact, Sarsaparilla's clients typically benefit from a 25% or more increase in performance after taking our courses.

What does 25%+ more revenue, efficiency, or impact look like for your business?


Call us today to find out!


Unlike most other agencies, Sarsaparilla has been providing virtual online courses for over 10 years. So, the "new reality" isn't really so new for us. 


Our extensive experience in this field means that we are able to provide the most engaging online courses that will hold your audience's attention and ensure delegates absorb the learning.


Our live online classes offer the same content taught in the in-person programmes. You'll have peace of mind knowing that we are able to deliver the same life-changing results and experiences to those working remotely, as we do to those in our in-person programmes. 



Many companies, especially large corporations with in-house teams, look to us to create bespoke training courses that can supplement their specific needs and practices.

Sometimes they just need us to make small tweaks to our pre-existing courses. But often they want something more robust that they can call their own. 

Sarsaparilla can create completely bespoke courses for you from scratch, test & deliver it to your teams worldwide, and then train your trainers so that you have an evergreen product that you can use for life.  


We've already created and delivered packages like this for some of the world's largest corporations. Why not give us a call today to discuss how we could do the same for you, too. 


"Sheep Dipping" is a term used to describe the act of herding large groups of employees together for mass training over a short period of time.  


This type of training does not consider the individual's needs. It simply allows audiences to "dip" into the information without any real practice, application, or feedback. Participants are then expect to return to the workplace and implement these new skills without knowing if they have properly understood the content. 

Needless to say, "Sheep Dipping" rarely works, which is why we don't believe in, or practice, it. 

Sarsaparilla is dedicated to providing learning that lasts for life, not just a day. ​That's why all of our classes are small, interactive, and delivered by highly experienced experts. We take the time to ensure participants practice and receive individual feedback on their new skills, so that they can feel confident and ready to move forward.


You'll receive a certificate of completion when you attend any of Sarsaparilla's courses 

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