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customer service.


45-Minute Keynote Talk, Multi-Day Group Workshops, or Private One-to-One Sessions




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People of all experience levels and seniority who interact with customers, clients, suppliers, colleagues, contractors, etc. across all communication channels – face to face, telephone, written, etc.


It used to be that if you had a good experience you told 3 people, and if you had a bad experience you told 9. Now, thanks to the power of social media, we can reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people INSTANTLY!


Too many people think of customer service only after things have gone wrong. But by then, it’s too late. 


If you want your business to survive, then you have to ensure you build a customer service strategy into your marketing plan.   It’s more than just asking, “how may I help you” or assuming “the customer is always right”.


Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Use Customer Service To Increase Sales

  • Consistently Deliver Exceptional Service To Your Customers So That They Feel Valued and Important

  • Become More Believable, Persuasive, and Influential Communicators

  • Be Proactive In Managing Customer Expectations To Avoid Escalations

  • Increase Standards and Get The Best Out Of Your People

  • Protect The Company’s Brand and Reputation While Supporting The Customer’s Experience

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