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This course is perfect for your sales team, directors, and anyone else who needs to create persuasive presentations that sell ideas, products, or services.


“HOW TO WRITE PERSUASIVE PRESENTATIONS” is guaranteed to make writing pitches and presentations easier, faster, and more effective.


Our unique template will show you exactly what to do, what to say, and the order to put it all in to maximise impact! All you need to do is insert the directed content and you will have a presentation you can deliver with confidence.


No more struggling with where to start, straying off topic, feeling overwhelmed, etc. Our template will take hours off of the creative process so that you can be more productive and write your presentation in record time! 

In fact, we guarantee it will reduce the time spent creating these projects by up to 80%! How much money and time will that save your company? 


We will work on and improve your real-life presentations in this workshop so that you will walk away with a new and improved presentation that you can be confident and proud of.


When you take this course, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Use Sarsaparilla's Proven Templates To Create Powerful Presentations In Record Time

  • Persuade Your Audience To Buy Your Ideas, Products, and Services

  • Identify and Adapt To Your Audience (They Aren’t Always Who You Think They Are)

  • Create Powerful Messages That Motivate and Influence  

  • Organise, Format, and Communicate Your Ideas In a Way That Is Easy For People To Understand and Support

  • Write Interesting and Engaging Content (Even If Your Topic Is Boring)

  • Capture and Keep Your Audience’s Attention Throughout The Entire Presentation

  • Create An Opening and Closing That Makes a Positive Impact

  • Gain Your Audience’s Trust By Creating Authentic Connections

  • How To Leave Them Wanting More

  • Plus Much More…


In addition to this Presentation Skills course, you will want to take our “How To Write Persuasive Presentations (A Template)” and “Online Presentation Skills” courses, which will show you our formula for writing persuasive presentations and how to adapt your presentations to online platforms like Zoom and Teams. You will also want to check out our “Successful Sales Secrets” course, which will show your people how to attract business and convert leads into sales.

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