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successful sales secrets.


45-Minute Keynote Talk, Multi-Day Group Workshops, or Private One-to-One Sessions




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Marketing and Sales team members who pitch ideas or sell services/ products in person and online and want to generate leads, increase revenue, or get people to persuade others to follow an idea.


No one likes a pushy sales person.


Our “Success Sales Secrets” course will give you the tools you need to attract people towards you so you never have to work hard to get the “yes” again.


You’ll learn how to authentically connect with partners and prospects so that you can convert interest into action in the shortest time possible.


We’ll explore the psychology behind decision making and discover what drives people to say yes, both online and in person.


When you take this course, you’ll discover:


  • How To NOT Be a Pushy Salesman

  • The Difference Between Marketing and Sales and How To Get Both Teams To Work Together In Harmony

  • 10 Common Sales Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

  • The 4 Different Behavioural Types and How To Adapt Your Selling Approach To Each One

  • The New Look At The Sales Funnel and How To Move People From Awareness To Action In The Shortest Time Possible

  • How To PULL High-Paying Ideal Clients Towards You So You Don’t Have To Work Hard “Pushing” Your Products, Services, and Ideas

  • How To Successfully Close The Deal Every Time

  • Our Secret To Getting Past Gatekeepers Every Time

  • Why You Should Never Discount Your Prices Or Compromise Your Ideas

  • How To Overcome The Fear Of Sales (Even If You Don’t Think You Have a Fear)

  • How To Prevent and Eliminate “Toxic” Clients Forever

  • How To Stand Out From Competitors So That You Are The ONLY Choice

  • How To Automate Your Sale Process and Use Email Campaigns To Effectively Sell Online

  • How To Create Raving Fans Who Are Loyal, Provide Repeat Business, and Refer You To Others

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