6 Hours (3 X 2-Hour Sessions)




£550 per person, £5500 minimum spend 


This course is perfect for anyone that needs to pitch, present, sell, or communicate to an audience


Whether you are selling your products and services to a perspective client, pitching your ideas to The Board, or energizing and inspiring your team, “PRESENTATION SKILLS” have become critical in almost every area of business today.


Sarsaparilla is the only agency that combines proven psychological elements with authentic theatre performance techniques to help transform you into a confident, authentic, and influential presenter. Our unique methods will show you how to build trust, create desire, and motivate your audience to take action.


If you’re shy or worried about being in the spotlight, this course will help you overcome your nerves and deliver your presentations with confidence.


If you deliver dry content, this course will show you how to make your material more interesting and keep your audience engaged.


Say goodbye to stiff, monotone, dry deliveries and frustrating events and say hello to powerful persuasive presentations that get results! 


When you take this workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Properly Prepare For & Follow Up Your Presentation

  • Establish Yourself As A Trusted Expert 

  • Capture & Maintain Your Audience’s Full Attention

  • Win Over Any Audience (Especially Tough Crowds) So They Share Your Vision 

  • Use Body Language & Stage Presence To Connect On A Deeper Level 

  • Find Your Voice & Use It To Persuade, Motivate, And Inspire Your Audience To Take Action 

  • Identify and Avoid Bad Habits

  • Overcome Nerves and Distractions So You Always Appear Confident 

  • Opening & Closing Your Talk With Impact

  • The Best Way To Use Visual Aids

  • Speaking Comfortably Without Notes

Plus Storytelling, Q&A’s, Humour, & Much More… 


In addition to this Presentation Skills course, you will want to take our “How To Write Persuasive Presentations (A Template)” and “Online Presentation Skills” courses, which will show you our formula for writing persuasive presentations and how to adapt your presentations to online platforms like Zoom and Teams. You will also want to check out our “Successful Sales Secrets” course, which will show your people how to attract business and convert leads into sales.


"Even if you feel confident at presenting, you will learn something new to improve your skills.” Laura C., Harper Collins