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45-Minute Keynote Talk, Multi-Day Group Workshops, or Private One-to-One Sessions




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People of all experience levels and seniority who wish to improve their writing skills


Chances are, poor writing and communication skills are crippling your business and you don't even know it. Studies show the vast majority of employees don't have adequate skills in this area (but they think they do). As a result, these mistakes cost business up to 40% of sales. 


This course uses proven journalism methods to help participants drastically improve their writing and communication skills in the fastest time possible. 

Our proven templates make it easy to ensure that you never struggle to find your words again...


Whether you are writing emails, creating power point presentations, speaking on a stage, presenting to a board room, or creating marketing materials, this course will show you how to grab your audience's attention with laser sharp precision and impact. 


Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Write and Communicate With More Credibility, Influence, and Impact

  • Understand The Key Elements To Effective Journalistic Writing and Communications

  • Use Logical Thinking Techniques To Reach, and Connect With, a Wider Audience 

  • Identify and Remove Cognitive Biases

  • Use Sarsaparilla’s Proven Templates To Make Writing and Communications Fast and Easy, Every Time

  • Capture and Hold Audience Attention So That They Remember What You Said 

  • Build Trust and Motivate Audiences To Take Action 

  • Identify and Avoid Common Mistakes Such As Straying Off Topic, Boring Audiences, Using Incorrect Grammar and Punctuation, Etc.

  • Overcome Writer’s Block So That You Always Find The Right Words and Spend Less Time Writing and More Time Doing 

  • Identify 4 Common Behaviour Types and How To Adapt Your Key Messages To Each Audience

  • Organise Your Thoughts and Ideas In a More Relatable Way For Audiences To Understand and Engage 


"I wish we had this training when we started as publicists.” Lilly, Harper Collins

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