6 Hours (3 X 2-Hour Sessions)




£550 per person, £5500 minimum spend


People of all experience levels and seniority who wish to improve their writing skills


Writing and communicating what is inside of our brains to the outside world is one of the hardest skills to master, but Sarsaparilla makes it easy with our “Writing and Communications” course.


We’ll give you our proven templates to ensure you are always expressing your thoughts clearly and effectively. You’ll be able to drastically increase your impact and influence instantly by making simple changes that help you connect with your audience. Plus, we’ll show you how to overcome writer’s block forever! You’ll never struggle to find your words again.


Whether you are writing emails, speaking on a stage, or creating marketing materials, this course will instantly make you a better communicator by improving your



Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Use Sarsaparilla’s proven template to easily write and communicate with positive impact

  • Articulate messages more clearly and effectively

  • Avoid confusion, errors, boredom, etc.

  • Build stronger relationships and connections 

  • Overcome writer’s block and always find the right words

  • Identify 4 Common Behaviour Types and how to adapt key messages to each audience

  • Understand how people take in and interpret information

Increase their influence and motivate others to take action


"I wish we had this training when we started as publicists.” Lilly, Harper Collins