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media training.


2 Days




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C-suite Executives, Directors, Senior Managers, Talent, and anyone who speaks on or is interviewed by the media including TV, radio, print, online, video, etc. 


​Speaking with the media can be a daunting experience. Once the microphone and cameras turn on, most people either freeze up or lose focus and ramble off topic. As a result, the opportunity is lost.


Our “Media Training” workshop will help you master the art of the interview and transform the media into a powerful resource.


During this course, you will be interviewed by our trainer so that you can practice your new skills in a safe environment and get first-hand experience. You can even record your interviews so that you can see immediate improvement.


By the end of this course, you will understand how to leverage media opportunities to your advantage, rather than let it simply be an exercise in "vanity marketing".  


When you take this “Media Training” course, you’ll also discover how to:

  • Communicate Clearly and Confidently On TV, Radio, Print, Videos, Podcasts, Panels, Talks, Etc.

  • Transform Your Media Opportunity Into Tangible results For You, Your Business, Products, Or Service

  • Prepare For and Answer Tough Questions With Control and Ease

  • Create Key Messages That Have Impact and Inspire Action

  • Work With On-Air Time Constraints To Ensure You Achieve Your Goals

  • Connect With Your Audience Through a Mic Or Lens

  • Avoid Common Mistakes, Distractions, and Bad Habits

  • Speak Correctly Into a Microphone (It’s Not As Simple As You Think)

  • Create a Media Kit That Will Get You Booked (and Re-Booked) Every Time

  • Prepare For Your Interview (What To Wear, Warm Up Exercises, Setting Up Your Space, Etc.)

  • Control Chaos and Nerves

  • Stand Out and Get Noticed From All The Other Noise In The Media

  • Follow The Do's and Don'ts Of Media Presenting 

  • How To Adapt To Different Formats Such As TV, Radio, Podcasts, Etc.

  • Manage PR Crises

  • Align Media Appearance Messaging With Core PR and Messages

meet your teacher

Kimberly Davis is a media maven who has worked on both sides of the PR fence. As a journalist, she has the writing and interview skills to generate powerful stories. As a respected entrepreneur and television personality, she has sat in the spotlight and converted interview opportunities into tangible results.

She has written for several publications, including The Telegraph and continues to make regular media appearances on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, etc.

Her unique perspective ensures that you will get a more comprehensive understanding of the media and how you can benefit from it.


"I wish we had this training when we started as publicists.” Lilly, Harper Collins

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