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This course is perfect for team members who have to sell or present ideas, products, services, or information to clients, employees, teams, and prospects


As virtual meetings become more popular, many businesses are finding it hard to connect and build trust with clients, employees, teams, and prospects via Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Even the most seasoned presenters are struggling to overcome meeting fatigue, technical problems, distractions, the inability to use and read body language, etc..

Sarsaparilla’s new “ONLINE PRESENTATIONS SKILLS” workshop has been specifically designed to help you run seamless, uninterrupted, and powerful presentations. After taking this course, your team will be able to confidently lead more successful online meetings that increase sales, build meaningful relationships, and help your company adapt and grow through these changing times, even while working from home or abroad! 

This course is suitable for presenters of all levels and is the perfect supplement to our Presentation Skills course. When you attend, you’ll discover:

  • How To Build Confidence, Trust, and Connection Through Your Computer 

  • 12+ Essential Online Etiquette Rules For Success

  • 10 Ways To Combat Meeting Fatigue, Eliminate Distractions, and Keep Your Audience Focused and Engaged At All Times

  • How To Compensate For The Loss Of Body Language and Other Senses

  • Controlling and Avoiding Chaos: Including Technical Difficulties, Interruptions, and More...

  • Easy Tips For Setting Up Your Space and Equipment (Video, Lighting, Sound, Appearance, Etc.) 

Plus Much More… 


“Presentation Skills” and “How To Write Persuasive Presentations (A Template)”


"Very informative. A friendly, confident and energetic presentation - itself a fantastic example for how to deliver a brilliant online presentation! If you want to feel confident about delivering online presentations, do not hesitate to participate in this training.” - Fatih C., Transport Strategy Centre, Imperial College 

"This is a course that complements very well with courses on presentation skills. It is going one step further in how to present.” - Oscar C. , Transport Strategy Centre, Imperial College

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