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money making marketing.


45-Minute Keynote Talk, Multi-Day Group Workshops, or Private One-to-One Sessions




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Perfect for Sales and Marketing Directors, Managers, etc. and anyone responsible for developing marketing strategies within the company


Don’t waste another penny on the wrong marketing again. We’ll show you simple strategies to transform your marketing into a money-making machine!


When you take this course, you’ll discover:

  • Simple Strategies That Can Drastically Increase Your Sales By 500% Or More

  • How To Identify and Avoid “Marketing Cowboys” Forever (We Call Them The Flash, Fluff, and Fakers™)

  • Our Proven Money Making Marketing Model™ That Will Save, Make, and Keep Money In Your Business

  • Our 10-Step Marketing System That Will Identify What You Need and The Order You Need To Do It In

  • The Secret To Dumping Toxic Clients Forever and Attracting Quality Clients That Pay You What You’re Worth

  • Methods To Create a Profitable Marketing Programme That Consistently Makes You More Money So You Can Quickly Grow The Business and Gain Back Valuable Time

  • Methods To Measure and Control Your Marketing

  • Deadly Marketing Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Business Right Now and You Don’t Even Realise It

  • Quick and Easy Strategies That Will Put More Money Back Into Your Pocket Immediately

  • The Difference Between Marketing and Sales and How To Get Both Teams To Work Together In Harmony

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