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Could your company benefit from the experience and knowledge of a Senior Marketing Director, but without the six figure salary? 

Sarsaparilla gives you access to experienced experts who can accomplish in hours what would take most managers days, weeks, or even months to complete. 

Whether you need someone to advise your in-house team for just one day, or assemble and lead your outsourced dream team for a year, Sarsaparilla offers a range of flexible solutions to meet your needs and get the job done right. 

Having a senior advisor on board is the most efficient and effective use of your time, budget, and resources. Not to mention, it drastically reduces the risk of errors.


Can you afford not to try it? 


FACT: Having a mentor is proven to increase sales by more than 25%!!!

Even the most elite athletes have a mentor who can provide an unbiased outside perspective and the quickest path to success. Yet, most business directors are going it alone and self sabotaging themselves, without even realising it.

The Platinum Mentoring Programme gives busy business leaders, who have the determination and mindset to succeed, the tools and resources they need to transform their business into a money making machine in the fastest time possible.

We offer a 6 month and 12 month programme that includes One-to-One Power Sessions, Recordings Of All Sessions, and more.


(Marketing analysis, plan, & Strategy)

Most businesses are wasting over 80% of their marketing budget on things they don’t want, don't need, and that don’t work!!! 


Here at Sarsaparilla, we design bespoke, comprehensive marketing plans that are 100% proven to help detox out that waste and ensure you're running the most efficient, effective, and profitable  programme possible. 

We call our programme MAPS® (Marketing Analysis, Plan, and Strategy), and, unlike other marketing plans, it will link your marketing to sales.


 MAPS® includes ​comprehensive strategies on over 10 key areas of marketing such as: PR, Branding, Websites, Digital, Social Media, Video, Messaging & Content, etc. Clients receive a bespoke report detailing assessments of all the above, along with short, medium, and long term goals and instructions on what to do and the critical order to do it all in.


Whether you are the keynote speaker at a conference or the team leader on a Zoom call, presentation skills are absolutely critical in almost every area of business today.  

Kimberly Davis has been performing on the world's most prestigious stages, from New York's Carnegie Hall to London's O2 Arena, for over 25 years. Her vast experience in radio, TV, and stage allow her to incorporate theatrical elements that you can't learn anywhere else. 

Her courses are guaranteed to help make presenting easy, fun, and enjoyable for even the most nervous participants.


Speaking with the media can be daunting. Once the microphone and cameras are turned on, most people either freeze up or lose focus and the opportunity is lost. 

Kimberly Davis is a media maven who has worked on both sides of the publicity fence. As  journalist, she has the writing and interview skills to generate powerful stories. As a respected entrepreneur, she has sat in the spotlight and converted interview opportunities into sales.


She has written for several publications, including The Telegraph and continues to make regular media appearances on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, etc.


Her individual and group media training courses cover all mediums including TV, Radio, Podcasts, Print, etc.They are guaranteed to help even the most seasoned speakers perform better. 


Kimberly Davis has developed a series of highly successful business training courses that are 100% proven to transform your team and deliver results. 

Delegates don't just learn, they DO, so that, by the end of these courses, they are guaranteed to have the confidence and skillset to make positive shifts forward.

Sarsaparilla offers a wide range of 1-2-1 and group courses to help support your team's learning and development. We can also create bespoke training modules that are customized to your specific needs. Due to Covid-19, all courses are currently being delivered online to benefit your employees working from home or abroad.  


Not sure where to start or exactly what you need? We can get you moving in the right direction with our unique Kickstarter Session. Let us show you what a powerful asset we can be to you and your team, and how quickly we can start delivering results.


You'll receive the following: 


  • 1 Hour Review and Assessment With a Senior Consultant 

  • 5-10 Action Points That You Can Start Implementing Immediately

  • Bespoke Feedback & Recommendations 

  • A Recording of the Session So You Don't Miss a Thing

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