I’ve always been fascinated with the 40’s; the music, the Hollywood glamour, the swingin’ dance moves, and the optimism.

Women were beautiful and strong, especially in the workplace. A person’s word was a binding contract and morals were valued.

When it came to creating a company, I wanted it to reflect the essence of who I am and my business values. There was no theme more perfect than the 1930-40’s.

My background is in the music industry, and so it only made sense to think of a theme song from this period to further inspire the brand.

The song had to reflect the differences between the US and UK cultures and the wonderful synergy created when their styles are merged together. It had to be positive, exciting and demonstrate the importance of great communication.

The answer quickly became clear…


There's a classic song by George and Ira Gershwin, performed by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, that famously says, "You say po-tay-toe and I say po-tah-toe".


Looking through the lyrics there was one wonderful word that really stood out… Sarsaparilla. “You like Sas-par-Illa, and I like Sas-par-Ella”. So I looked it up.


By definition, Sarsaparilla is a sweet tasting root, used to flavour popular drinks, like root beer, in the 40’s.  This ingredient is believed to purify, detox, reenergize, and reinvigorate the body.  That is exactly what I do for marketing and business! You couldn’t find a more perfect match to the objectives of this "marketing purification” agency!

And so it was that Sarsaparilla Ltd.™, was born…

Kimberly Davis

Founder, Sarsaparilla Ltd.

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