“7 DEADLY MARKETING MISTAKES DESTROYING YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT NOW (and you don’t even know it)” by Kimberly Davis


How much do marketing mistakes cost you?

Stop wasting time, money, and stress trying to do everything yourself. Get your marketing done right the first time by letting us do the work for you.

Using Kimberly’s proven 10-step Complete Marketing Magnetism System(TM), we will assess your business and create a bespoke marketing programme that instantly starts attracting more clients, time, and money to your business.

Your new programme will include:

WEBSITE OPTIMISATION AND DEVELOPMENT – Most websites are just online brochures, sitting there doing nothing. In fact, 94% of websites don’t work. Getting 1,000,000 hits a day means nothing. You must convert leads into sales in order for your marketing to be effective. There are 20+ critical items that we use to make your website work. We can either create it for you or provide you with a video critique that you can pass on to your website developer.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) – Don’t be invisible! Make sure your website can be found on Google and that you come to the top of the Google rankings so that your clients can always find you.

ADVERTISING – Print advertising has the highest cost but the smallest return on investment and therefore, I almost never recommend it. Google Adwords is a great way to make sure you’re reaching your target market directly, without breaking the bank.

DATA CAPTURE – Build and fill your database with the right people who love what you do and are eager to buy from you by giving away something of high perceived value that establishes you as an expert (such as a book, guide, video, etc. – NOT a newsletter). This is called Permission Marketing. Your audience is giving you their name, email, and other important information because they actually want you to keep in touch and let them know more about your products and service. When you have permission, they will be much more responsive.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Social Media is a conversation and you must be part of it. Whether you like it or not, it is here to stay, and if you’re not on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, then you’re falling behind the times. There is a way to use social media for business and we will show you how to use this powerful tool to navigate people into your marketing to sales funnel and convert them into paying clients.

PR – What someone else says about you is always much more powerful than what you say about yourself. Using the media to your advantage, whether it’s a feature that promotes your product and services, or you have your article published. PR helps build trust, credibility and establishes you as an expert in your field.

RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS – it’s critical that you know your audience and stand out in the market. You may even be sitting on dormant clients who would like to buy from you again.

BRANDING – Build trust with your audience and increase the value of your product instantly

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS – increase your conversion rate by showing the benefits of what you do, motivating people to buy and creating raving fans who want to go and tell the world about you.

VIDEO – The fastest growing area of marketing is video. It allows people to use more of their senses to experience and engage with you and therefore builds a rapor and trust faster. YouTube is owned by Google, so incorporating video will also increase your SEO and Google ranking! It’s a must have for the future of online marketing.

PLUS… much much more.

You don’t have to worry about The Flash, Fluff, and Fakers™ ever again.

Kimberly Davis originated this completely unique programme in 2010. Since then, hundreds of businesses have thrived as a direct result of this step-by-step system. Others have tried to duplicate it, but hers is the only system proven to work. You will not find another like it anywhere else!

If you were to outsource all of these items to multiple vendors, you would need a massive team including a website designer, developer, SEO specialist, a copywriter, a social media manager, a PR agent, and much more. Not to mention, it would cost tens of thousands of pounds.

At Sarsaparilla, we have brought together the best group of professionals all in one place, so you only have one point of contact and can do it al for you for just

The Complete Marketing Magnetism System™ can be implemented into your business for approximately £10,000.

Turn your marketing and sales into a money making machine and contact us now!

Sarsaparilla produce fantastic ideas to take our marketing and advertising to the next level. They are open to our ideas and help free our time considerably.

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I’m a completely different person thanks to Kimberly and Sarsaparilla

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